I love going out to eat like I love to cook at home. Sometimes it’s hard to find food that’s both different and that won’t make you feel like you’re paying a bit too much. As a kid I LOVED HOT DOGS, but when I decided to ditch meat, I thought well, that’s the end of meaty burgers, hot dogs, and such. Recently more spots have been opening that include vegetarian options, and this place actually offers 2 different vegan hot dogs. PRROS LOCOS is located at Calle Loiza and if you dig hand food you will love this spot.

One Pot Pasta Ver. 1

We all know weekdays are a huge drag, that’s why this recipe is a go to dinner for me. There’s plenty of articles and videos of this recipe but every time I share it on social media people ask me about it. After a few tries and tweaks here and there, I think I’ve pretty much mastered this dish.

REVIEW: David's Natural Toothpaste

More than a review, I’m gonna share my personal experience with oral care. Yes, this might not be such a glamorous topic but I think you can learn a few things from it. Let’s start by actually mentioning the two things that surprisingly changed my oral hygiene routine the most. These are: toothpaste free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and using a tongue scraper.

I know you’ve probably never heard any dentist recommend either of these and it’s funny that here I am writing about it. In my experience most doctors don’t recommend anything other than what sticks to their norm and sometimes they can leave me more confused than I had been initially. Feel free to read up if you’ve been wanting to try a more natural oral regimen.

Vegan Risotto: Mushroom & Asparagus Edition

Ah, the risotto. Such a special kind of food with a rep for being “too complicated”. This has to be one of my favorite dishes of all time, and while it may look hard, it just requires a bit of patience. If you have a kitchen partner, you can have them take care of the constant stirring while you chop and sauté your ingredients . Preparation wise, the vegan version is no different from the original recipe. Taste wise, it’s lighter and feels easier on my stomach (too much cheese can be too heavy at times). Once you try the vegan version I don’t think you’ll miss the original too much.